Sunday, July 14, 2019

Photos from Ljubljana

Had a very challenging second half of a trip.  Through a combination of rushing (flight was boarding), lack of sleep, and stupidity on my part, I left the laptop on the belt at the TSA in Madrid.  Fortunately it was found.  While they wouldn't ship I was able to send a letter authorizing a friend to retrieve it along with a copy of my passport.  He now has it in Madrid.  Will return to Boston in ten days.  I was not entirely selfless in offering to pick him up at Logan in ten days.  Except for that little glitch and my luggage not arriving in LJ until the following day, the time there was great.  One very hot day and the rest not bad, particularly for the survivor of nine summers in D.C.  

The balconies on the Jesuit retreat house in LJ.  

The inside of Vodnikov Hram restaurant.  Not far from the community. 

Miniature houses in a gift shop.  Looks like pastel Monopoly pieces.

Restaurants filling up at dusk.  No cars allowed in this part of the city. 

The tower of Town Hall.

I enjoy shooting natural still life shots at outdoor cafes.  There are hundreds in LJ.

A little bit of romance. 

These guys were playing a Brahms Hungarian Dance oftentimes featured in Bugs Bunny cartoons.  Warner-Brothers and Looney Tunes are a major reason for  my lifetime love of classical music.  

Slippers for sale in front of a shop.

A gelato stand.  I had mango. 

A favorite outdoor bar for shooting. 

Wine bottles at an outdoor cafe contrast with the background of graffiti.

This display is advertising drinks.  Each color is coded to a flavor.  This was at Odprta Kuhna (Open Kitchen) which happens every Friday in good weather in the square adjacent to the Cathedral.  

Another stand at Odprta Kuhna.  

I enjoy the interaction of light and good glass.

An interesting centerpiece.  Simply an apple and a sprig of rosemary in a bottle.

Three doors.

Repeating patterns attract the camera lens. 

Pop's Place.  "Pop" is Greg Yurkovich, a friend, who was born in Slovenia, grew up in the U.S. and returned home with his own family to open two restaurants.   Both are doing very well.  Was having a beer and some fries with a young Franciscan. 

Late night on a side street. That I feel comfortable walking on dark side streets at 11 PM is a testimony to how safe LJ is. 
  Odprta Kuhna.  Potatoes are roasting beneath the spit. 

Horse steak sandwiches.  I did not have one.  I've eaten horse and don't mind it.  But, the word steak sandwich is only valid in Philadelphia.  Everyone else is a pretender.  

Paella at Odprta Kuhna.  There are perhaps thirty stalls selling all types of food, not necessarily Slovenian. 

Moments after shooting this I ordered a pulled pork sandwich.  It was great.  The camera was safely tucked away in the backpack as I feasted.  

Tourists on the castle's parapet at sundown.  

The wine cellar at Strelec restaurant.  A friend took me to dinner there a week earlier.  Superb meal.  The statue is St. Martin.  

The staircase from the wine cellar to the restaurant.  Fortunately there is a small elevator.  Opted for that.  

The wine storage shot through the supporting cables for the stairs. 

The view of LJ during what photographers call the blue hour.  

Looking west toward the mountains. 

A chandelier that hangs over this intersection throughout the year.  I've shot it often. 

A large crucifix in the sv. Jakob (Jesuit) church complex.  Hung around for a long time because the organist was practicing Bach.  

  Ple─Źnik's colonnade, my favorite structure in LJ.  This was between 11 and 11:30 at night.  Wouldn't wander the streets of my tiny home town after 11 PM.  

Back to a homily next week.  Signed up for Mass at St. Mary's Hall.  Martha and Mary.  A particular favorite. 

+Fr. Jack

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Last Day in Loyola

Conference ended yesterday.  Free time today.  To airport early tomorrow AM.  After a few short hops will arrive in Ljubljana.  More photos. 

An abandoned house that has fascinated me since I passed it a few days ago.  

Climbing roses choking a window. 

The character of this window changed with a change in the light. 

The window on the other side of the door.  First floor. 

The gate and mausoleum for the Jesuit cemetery.  The two are quite a distance apart. 

The cross on the gate with the over on the mausoleum.  Had to get into a particularly awkward position to superimpose the two.  

A Marian shrine near the mausoleum.

Was drawn by the repetitive nature of the scene.  Very much enjoy this kind of photo.

The grounds just outside my room.  Shot this AM.  Very lush. 

Light creeping through the chapel door and pushing its way up the wall.  

One of the stations of the cross.  Fourteen matching crosses that are non-figurative.

The chandelier in the Sanctuary of Loyola.  Something about crystal beckons me to shoot it. 

Great sun this AM at a time when I normally couldn't get over there.  
+Fr Jack, SJ, MD

Sunday, June 23, 2019

More photos from Spain

Won't be doing much preaching until after 8 July.  Today, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ is an anniversary.  My first Mass the day after being ordained on 9 June 2007 was on this feast.   Photos are from Loyola. Finished giving lectures last night.  Now a bit of relaxation. 

Bronze of St. Ignatius above the main altar.  I used the equivalent of a 600 mm lens, rather like a telescope (yo ho ho and a  bottle of single malt).  The gems are not visible to the naked eye when standing on the floor.  The bronze is about three stories above the viewer.  

The tabernacle on the main altar.  The color comes from the red sanctuary lamp and reflections of the ceiling.

The chandelier.  I've been playing around with moving the camera during a long exposure.  This was 1.3 seconds while moving the camera sharply downwards.  Used computer to enhance the color a bit. 
A stroller parked in front of the entrance to the basilica. 
  Chapel on the second floor of the retreat house.  

View from behind the altar.  The stained glass is superb. 
 A stone mosaic of the crucifixion.  

A close-up of the stones.  Appears to be a mix of granite and marble. 

This combination of purple and blue is very attractive and soothing.
 An abandoned house along a path behind the basilica.

The door and window in color . . . 
 . . . . and in black and white. 

Climbing roses. Stucco adds an interesting texture.

The color of this rose was not manipulated.  Very deep red. 

The green here is lush.

Steps to the basilica.  

+Fr. Jack, SJ, MD