Friday, April 15, 2011

Long Retreat

The long retreat ended last night.  It is now 5:00 PM South Australia time (1/2 hour behind Sydney?!?).  It is 3:30 AM on the East Coast.  This will be short.  There were 577 e-mails to wade through, several of which needed replies, and I still don't know who won the NCAA basketball final.  Too bad about Penn State losing to Temple in the last few seconds but, I did graduate from Temple Medical School (which, if I must be honest, is absolutely no consolation). Nonetheless.  

I will write frequently over the next few days about the place in which we stayed (Sevenhill, South Australia) which was extremely beautiful.  Imagine 35 days on 1000 acres of active winery.  I could go on.  But, I will put up some photos (took about 2000).  

The first two need no explanation.  These represented a tremendous amount of work on my part.  Kangaroos are not easy to photograph.  

This is one of the thousand acres of grape vines.  

This is one of many sunsets.  More coming in subsequent posts. 

And finally the IHS on the side doors of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church on the grounds of the winery. 

With that, it is time to walk to the main house for dinner.  

+Fr. Jack

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