Friday, August 19, 2011

The Longest Hour

OK.  The room really is pristine now.  The suitcases are by the main entrance.  Only the computer is plugged  in.  The taxi arrives in an hour.  That is the problem.  Waiting.   It is like being back in sixth grade the day summer vacation was to begin.  Talk about the longest day of the year.  That is how this hour seems to be passing..   By Monday only one or two men will remain in the house.  By 1 September all the men will have returned home or at least be on the way.  At that point the tertianship in Pymble will be ended.  After a year long hiatus it will be reestablished in Melbourne.  

The weather has improved dramatically since yesterday when the wind was fierce with intermittent downpours.  Though the same was predicted for today it is partly cloudy with blue skies and a bit of a breeze.  Temp is in the mid-50's.  When I get to Viet Nam in about 14 hours the temp will be in the mid-90's.  It was a challenge dressing.  Layers.  

The tertianship experience was a good one.  Much of what I got out of it depended on what I put into it.  The highlights were the long retreat which is a separate experience on its own pinnacle.  The two experiments in Warrnambool and Port Lincoln were also highlights.  They were very different.  Can't really compare them one against the other.  There were one or two low points but they will remain unmentioned.  The consolations outnumbered the desolations by a large factor.  

Time to turn off the computer and get it into the brief case along with the cameras.  

+Fr. Jack, SJ  

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