Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The time in Taiwan has flown by.  Ignatius and I just returned from two days in the mountains about 200 km south of Taipei.  It was a lot cooler.  Last weekend I had a chance to return to the weekend flower market, jade market and artists market held every Saturday near Da An Park. This time with a camera.   On the way back to the community through Da An Park I stumbled across a bunch of kids getting rollerblading lessons.  

Some of the orchids at the flower market. 
Stacked baskets also at the flower market. 
Some of the jewelry available at the jade market.  This place could destroy a credit rating. 

Teacups and vases at the flower market. 
Paper lanterns hanging in the cooperative.  I would have liked to have purchased one but transporting them undamaged in a suitcase is difficult.  Happily, I have one similar to these in my room.   Ignatius left it behind when he returned to Taiwan back in 2002.  

Rollerblading lessons.   There were about six teenage boys and girls teaching these kids, some around 7 or 8 and others seeming to be as young as 4.  Oh to be young again so I could bounce and not break after falling.
This little girl was having her first lesson.  As I watched the young woman kneeling was helping her move forward while holding her legs and saying, "Yi, er, yi, er" (One, two, one, two) as the little roller derby princess tried to slide her skate-shod feet forward with much trepidation. 
The playground in the park was packed with kids and parents.  A wonderful sight. 
This man playing a pipa for the woman under the umbrella in Da An Park  caught my eye.  A pipa is the Chinese version of a lute.
Almost time to return to the U.S. after nine months away.  Much to reflect on in the coming days.  Tertianship happened at the right time and in the right place.  It has been obvious these past three weeks that it did not end on 18 August.  Indeed, it seems as if it will continue for a very long time.  I'll write more about that in a few days.  

+Fr. Jack, S.J.

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