Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

The Passion Narrative
Stabat Mater dolorosa,
iuxta crucem lacrimosa,
Dum pendebat Filius

At the cross her station keeping
stood the mournful mother weeping
Close to Jesus
to the last.

Stand with Mary at the foot of the cross. 
Gaze up at the crucified Jesus, fully divine and fully human.
Jesus:  like us in temptation and suffering, pain and fear, sorrow and loneliness.
Jesus:  who suffered and died to save us from death.
Jesus:  who suffered and died to redeem us from sin.
Jesus: like us in all things but sin.

Crucifixion was a shameful, cruel and horrifying means of death.  But the cross was, the cross is, the cross always will be, the instrument of our salvation. 

Throughout this Holy Week we are called to meditate on the passion and to remember Jesus’ great act of love.  We can only stand at the foot of the cross and gaze at the crucified Jesus saying:

Domine non sum dignus.

Lord, I am not worthy.  
After the 10:00 AM Mass I wandered through the chapel with camera and tripod.  
The sacristies are among the most fascinating of places.  The one on the right is full, though less so after some rearranging, of the various things needed for Mass or other liturgies.  Last week Ignatius removed the wax from the candelabras, a most appreciated effort. They are now ready for Holy Thursday. 

Across the sacristy one finds some odds and ends not currently in use. 
The above photos are from the sacristy on the right.  The sacristy to the left of the altar is where the priest vests.  The red chasuble is hanging, ready for Mass this morning. 
Palms arrayed at the back of the chapel. 
The view from the right sacristy toward the back of the chapel. 
A detail of stained glass just outside the left sacristy. 
Finally, two views of the main altar. 

Have a most Blessed Easter. 
+Fr. Jack, SJ, MD

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