Saturday, May 31, 2014

Taking Off in Five Hours

The title explains it all.  Finally packed, things are relatively straightened out and I am semi-exhausted but ready to go.  The plan was to be exhausted upon taking off so as to sleep.  Flight leaves at 8:45 PM.  Hope for sleep by 9:30.  It will take six hours.  After the flights to Taiwan and Australia this will be a short hop.  Six hours in a plane is nothing compared to 15 from San Francisco to Taipei.  After a just under three hour layover in Paris I take the train to Lyon and a cab to the Jesuit community.  

Some photos from Penn State.  I was going to post a homily the other day but didn't have the chance to do so.  It is a bit too late so, as will be the case in France and Chad, no homily only photos.  

The first is a classroom in the Forum Building.  It was a round building with state of the art (for the time) audio-visual stuff.  Holds about 300.  This is where I had organic chemistry lectures.  Full house too.

The non-denominational chapel is the Helen Eakin Eisenhower Chapel.  President Eisenhower's brother John was president of Penn State.  I always stop in there when on campus.  Used to go to confession in a small chapel to the right of the altar.  Benedictines from St. Vincent Archabbey have been the chaplains for years. 

A view of West Halls dorm complex from the portico of the Earth and Mineral Sciences Building.  One of the very pretty parts of campus.  . . . of a very pretty campus.

The new Information Technology Building spans 322 over a walkway.  Love the reflections.  Have taken versions of this shot many times. Prior to this the entrance on 3322 that you can see marked with the two columns with Nittany Lion heads atop them, was forgettable.  There has been a major transformation. 

The last two shots are of a restaurant that was the Allen Room when I was there and for many years afterwards.  I don't know what it is called now (the food remains very good) but it will always be the Allen Room to those of us of a certain age.  

Post should be coming from Lyon in a about a week.  Took a long time to pack the camera stuff.  Classes start on Monday.  No class on Monday 9 June though I don't know why.  No class on Monday 14 July either.  Bastille Day.  

+Fr. Jack, SJ, MD

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