Friday, January 21, 2011

The King’s Speech. . . . and some photos

Q.        How many Jesuits does it take to  find the local movie theater?

A.         More than four. 

Two cars left Canisius after Mass yesterday to travel four or five miles (can’t get the hang of kilometers) to see the King’s Speech.  The direction ‘pass the mall and turn left’ sounded good in practice but on the highway it proved too vague.  Suddenly, our car was on the entrance to a toll road with no options but to get on, get off at the next exit, and try to find the theater. 

We eventually got to the mall and found the theater but it was way late.  The next show was not until 9:10.  OK.  We had missed dinner and decided to get something to eat.  As this particular mall is arranged with all the logic of Boston's street grid we couldn’t find the particular spot we wanted. Michael Ku, a Korean tertian, had a great idea.  We were about 2 miles from the restaurant recently opened by his high school classmate from Korea.  He called Sam and, after a few more phone calls to ascertain the route, we arrived. 

It turns out that missing the movie was the best thing we could have done.  Sam, his wife Susan, and their daughter Stella greeted us warmly. The meal, Korean barbecue was terrific.  Lots of fresh vegetables, many of them in various forms of kimchi, and some grilled marinated, very very thinly sliced beef.  Terrific night. 

We missed a turn and thus the movie.  Instead we had an unplanned and absolutely terrific Korean meal, made some new friends in Australia, and had what can only be described as a bonding experience.  What began with frustration ended in laughter and companionship.  That is what community life is about.

This evening after dinner Vincent and John, both Vietnamese tertians, and I made 150 spring rolls which will go to the coast with us tomorrow.  I was definitely sous chef as these are trickier to roll than glombki or pierogi.  Chopping.  Grating.  Squeezing.  That I can do.  We will eat well. 

Earlier today, while wandering around, I saw the opportunity to get the photos below.  Given the wind, light and a few other conditions it took 50 shots to get a few good ones.  Australia is home to a lot of unique insects.  This was not too exotic; a moth caught in a spider’s web.  There was a happy outcome.  While getting the last few shots the wind blew the web right into the camera’s lens, the web broke and the moth flew away. 

Will be off line for the next ten days as we go to Geroa for intense conversation and a chance to get to know each other without the distractions of the city and large community life.  Then the real work begins.

Well, I really can't pass up the opportunity to post this other photo.  As noted the other day, picture taking is not allowed in the gift shop at the Sydney Opera House.  I didn't know that until the shots  were downloaded to the computer.  After seeing Sydney Opera House Barbie it is easy to understand why photos are not allowed.   All I can think of is Sally Rand (those of you under 60 ask your mom).  Tacky souvenirs are apparently not limited to the USA.

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