Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photos of Sydney

Great trip downtown.  It was cloudy.  One brief shower.  But, it was cool though humid.  We spent several hours walking.  The botanical garden is exquisite.  Once we return from the coast I expect to spend a lot of time there.    The pix in order from top to bottom are: 
1.  Bats hanging upside down on trees in the botanical garden.  There were hundreds of them.  Huge.  Saw a few flying by the community the other day.  Impressive wingspans. 
2.  A flower with a few raindrops in the botanical garden
3.  The Catholic Cathedral.  Major disappointment is that no photography is allowed inside (and the guards have no sense of humor about it).  
4.  Masks at the Sydney Opera House gift shop.  Honest, I didn't see the no photographs sign until looking at them here (cropped it out).
5.  Millennium Bridge in b&w.  Black and white adds something that color doesn't have.
6.  Sydney Opera House shot through a decorative fence.
7.  Sydney Opera House unobstructed. 

It is already Thursday here.  On Saturday we will leave in the early afternoon for the coast.  We've been asked not to take computers.  Certainly not to get into e-mail and all that.  So there will be some silence.  I will however take the camera.  

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  1. Great photos, Jack. Nice to see your inner photographer at work once again. Love the perspectives. Look forward to seeing and reading more.