Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Feast Day

We just returned from dinner at the Jesuit high school in Milson's Point.  Milson's point is the last train stop before it crosses the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  There is are patio areas on the second and third floor roofs.  The photographic results are below.  I would have been content to skip dinner.  Glad I didn't though because it was quite good.  Met a priest who is on sabbatical here.  From Altoona!  He has a number of Penn State grad siblings.  

No heavy thoughts.  Much gratitude to Ignatius and the First Companions.  

And now some photos.  A few photographer friends will hate me for this.  It would be difficult for someone who didn't live in the apartments or have a way into the school to get these shots.  

First photo is Br. Vincent Pham Duc-tuan, SJ from Saigon.  
The next two are wide-angle views of Sydney Harbor.  I was obviously using a tripod and exposure times up to 40 seconds.  

A close up of the Opera House.  Attractive during the day but magnificent at night.  Six weeks ago Vincent and I went to a symphony concert there to hear Lang Lang play Tchaikovsky and a tremendous performance of Sibelius' Symphony #2.  

Next are two photos from the pharmacy down the street.  This is why it pays to carry a camera.    Taking landscape photos pales after a while.  What about the other things you can only notice when carrying a camera.  This is a piece of costume jewelry. 
The next is a tribute to Gilbert and Sullivan.  One of the dolls had a price tag for 9.75 smack in the middle of her forehead.  The clone and repair tools allowed me to erase it.  I'm certainly not going to tell which one had the plastic surgery. 
And finally the picture that has delighted me the most this week.  It is the reflections of peoples' clothing and some banners in a reflecting pool near the New South Wales Art Gallery.  Pure abstraction.  This is what I enjoy the most. 
Happy Feast Day.  
+Fr. Jack

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