Friday, July 22, 2011

Last weekend in Port Lincoln

It is early Saturday morning.  Busy weekend.  Confessions at 10:30 AM.  A funeral at which about 500 people are expected at 2 PM, vigil Mass at 6 PM (homily yet to be written) and then Mass at 9 AM tomorrow.  

On Tuesday Gayle, Elizabeth and Miriam, along with Basil, took me to the local sailing museum.  It was a lovely day and supplied a few views of Port LIncoln that I'd not seen.  Yesterday morning I was going to unlock the church at about 7:30.  One look at the sky and the camera was in hand. 

The Norfolk Island Pines are a fixture along the coast in Australia.  One Port Lincolnian explained that they were planted to supply a quick replacement if a mast broke on a sailing ship.  Apparently the stranded sailors rowed ashore, cut a tree and made a new mast.  Sounds very green. 
A view of Port Lincoln I hadn't previously seen. 
Basil was a perfect gentleman at the sailing museum. 
This sight is what sent me racing back for the camera.  Except for having cropped a bit off the left I did not touch the color, exposure or other aspects.  This is what it looked like yesterday morning.  The outlines of the grain pier are visible in the distance.
These last three are views of and around the church.  The challenge of taking photos at sunrise or sunset is time.  All of this splendor lasted no more than 10 minutes.  

More later. 
+Fr. Jack

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