Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's summertime summertime sum sum summertime . . . .

That should plant an ear worm for those of a certain age.  The heat is on in New England.  Tomorrow's Boston Marathon will start with a predicted temperature of 75 and a high of about 88 around the time that the proletariat is arriving at the Pru.  It's gonna be ugly.

Yesterday I finally bought a good tripod to replace the very cheap one I purchased in Australia.  The new tripod has a ball assembly for the camera rather than a platform.  The old tripod couldn't hold the heavier lens and thus all the photos were blurry.  I took the new one out for a test drive today.  The results are below.   The extreme close-ups using a 300 mm lens extended all the way would have been impossible without the tripod, particularly the indoor ones.

The fountain in front of the Pierce Pavilion, the nursing home wing.

Apple blossoms at the outside wall of the chapel.  I was using a 300 mm lens to get an extreme close-up.
This is another extreme close-up of the forsythia along the ramp to the side entrance.
Two of the stained glass windows in the chapel sometime around 9 AM.
This is an architectural detail that covers the organ pipes in the choir loft in the first of the two balconies in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit.
Finally, the statue of the Blessed Mother in a small grove in front of the house across from a small gazebo.
I think the tripod and I are going to have a long relationship.

+Fr. Jack, SJ, MD

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