Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food glorious food . . . .

The drive to The Great Ocean Road was scrapped due to weather and the fact that we would be heading about 100 miles away from Sydney.  Will leave tomorrow early AM for the drive to Sydney.  With an unplanned morning I took the camera and went back to the Victoria Market to do some 'virtual eating.'  Had an individual pizza and some coffee at lunch but visually consumed thousands of calories (note I've lost about 20 pounds since leaving the U.S.).  I would prefer to take photos of food and objects, close up detailed photos, compared with landscapes of a beach.  These are a few of the 200 shots from the market. 

One of the things I miss most since moving into a large community is the opportunity to bake bread.  These loaves caught my eye. 
When I lived on the mountain in Vermont there were winter weekends during which going out was impossible.  I always had cheese in the house and would bake several loaves of bread.  What goes better with bread than cheese?  Even peanut butter and jelly has to be in second place. 
Unfortunately I didn't think to buy one of these chili salamis.  This particular stall did not make sandwiches etc which was a pity.  I certainly would have had some.  In the words of the Everly Brothers hit I can "Dream, dream, dream , dream, dream, dreaaaaaam. . . . . "
I invited the proprietors of the next stand to attend the next Kielbasa Festival in Plymouth.  I don't think they can make it. 
Did God ever intend for us to eat macaroons this color?  Reminds me of the Russell Stover summer candies that appeared in dad's office on a regular basis.
The Market has non-food items as well.  These boomerangs decorated with indigenous art patterns were available in several locations. 
And then there were the didgeridoos.  Interesting sound. 
At some point I walked to Our Lady Star of the Sea for the noon Mass.  On the way I saw this unique and very eye-catching (assaulting actually) advertisement. 

And finally the "Voodoo Knife Holder" in a kitchenware shop near the market.  

After a month on the road it will be good to get back home for a few weeks before going off again.  
+Fr. Jack

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