Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation in Melbourne

We have the week off.  Staying in Melbourne at the Jesuit Community in Parkville (not Parkside as previously noted, chalk it up to jet lag).  The community houses the scholastics studying philosophy and theology.  I spent several hours yesterday wandering around the University of Melbourne (founded in 1853, two years before Penn State) with my camera.  Rain (what else?) was intermittent.  Some of the results below. 

The first is the Royal Parade which reminds me of the Back Bay portion of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.  
This is the community.   It consists of ten townhouses that form five clusters of two houses.  Michael and I are staying in the end on the left.  
Next is St. Carthage's Catholic Church just up the street from the community.  Small but lovely place.  
This is the main entrance to the uni (as it is called here) from just inside.  
Next is a detail of the ceiling in the Old Quad.  Can't imagine seeing this kind of construction detail ever again. 
Finally, it was raining.  Uni students are smart and they come in out of the rain. 
Off to visit a friend and then a day wandering around Melbourne.  The community location is such that I can walk downtown or hop a tram to get to other points of interest.  Later in the week we may drive down to the Great Ocean Road for a bit before heading back to Sydney with a planned arrival there on Friday.  
+Fr. Jack

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