Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ready to relocate

Sun.  The sun came out yesterday.  I left the community at about 10:30 and returned at about 3:00.  The rain returned later in the evening but yesterday was on par with the most glorious October day in the Northeast U.S. one could imagine.  The leaves are turning, it was cool and windy, just perfect for a sweatshirt and jacket.  Have fallen in love with Melbourne.  It is walkable and interesting.  I stumbled on the Queen Victoria Market. Were one to take the (indoor) Reading Terminal Market and (outdoor) Italian Market in Philadelphia, the outdoor market near Quincy Market in Boston and add a touch of Target (cheap clothes and $10 watches) in an area the size of Penn State University Park (or so it seemed) you would have the the Queen Victoria Market.  What a find.  Most of the photos below are from there.  Will be returning later with Michael to grab lunch (it is going to rain again!).  We will head out tomorrow to visit the Great Ocean Road and then begin to wend our way back to Sydney.  The tertian's daily conferences resume on Tuesday for 2 1/2 weeks before we leave for the next experiment.  

Caution:  do not look at some of these photos if you are hungry.  

This is the Jesuit community at the theological college in sunlight. 

The next two are from the chapel at Trinity College of the University of Melbourne just up the street.  It is an Anglican Church.  Wish I'd had the tripod (which was back at the community).  

This is the main entrance to the sprawling market. 
There were several aisles of vegetable and fruit stalls like this one.  
All of the produce was beautifully displayed. 
The market is divided into sections for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables etc.  This photo could have been taken at the Reading Terminal market.   Except there were no Pennsylvania Dutch and, while I had a great boreg for lunch, no Fischer's Soft Pretzels (I would kill for one of those at the moment).
The fish and seafood section smelled as if I was walking along a pristine coast line.  No smell of fish just salt water.  These were as fresh as fish can be with moving. 
I'm not sure what it is with Australians and elaborate jeweled masks.  This is the second time I've run into the these.  While the first time, at the Sydney Opera House Gift Shop, made some sense I can't figure these out.  Nonetheless, they are interesting subjects for photography and digital manipulation. 

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