Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

Wednesday was a day off and I had the chance to walk down to the beach (don't fret it was in the low-fifties) to take some photos.  Without further ado, here are a few shots of where I will be for the next two weeks.  

The first two are of St. Joseph Church.  The stained glass is splendid.  The sun has not cooperated so I couldn't quite capture the brilliance.  The second is the holy oils that were blessed at the Chrism Mass. 

The next is the view of the ocean from the highest point in town, about a mile from the church. The river ends in a small lake.  The piece of land you see ends just to the left of the edge of the photo.
It has been gray, cool, and rainy.  Great time to be at the beach. 
When I turned around and saw this I began humming the theme to The Summer of '42.
And finally, some boats put away for the autumn. 
More later. 
+Fr. Jack

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